At Blue Moon, we aim to provide football and sports pathways for children of all ages and abilities through our fun and engaging programmes.


We have a team of dedicated coaches who are passionate about inspiring change, promoting healthy lifestyles and helping young people reach their potential. We will also be working with local schools and communities to engage young people into healthy lifestyles through sport.


Farhad has been in the coaching game for 14 years now, having worked in many different roles across the country, including running his own children’s football coaching company for several years in Stoke on Trent, before returning to London and working with other local companies, building excellent relationships with children and adults alike. 


Specialising in high energy, quality and fun sessions, Farhad brings a unique and entertaining style, which combined with his infectious personality is the reason why he is so popular with our children! 


When he’s not entertaining and training Blue Moon customers, Farhad is very into his fitness. His football expertise is enhanced by the experience gained playing

semi-professional football over the last few years. As well as his football, Farhad takes a keen interest in health and well-being, fitness, martial arts and is always available for any questions or advice on all things related.

Coach Arran


Arran started kicking a ball around as soon as he could walk and fell in love with it from then. Arran’s persistence in developing his skills at home with others and on his own led him to being scouted by Liverpool FC when he was only 8. He spent 2 years playing at the famous Melwood Academy and learning from some of the best coaches in the world and playing alongside some of the best players in the world, at his age. Arran’s time at Liverpool came to and end with a new door opening to him in the shape of Queens Park Rangers, where he enjoyed the next 4 years. Arran has a soft spot for QPR, and says that his time there is up there with his favourite teams he has played for!


Due to a few unfortunate knee injuries, Arran’s time playing at the top level for his age across the country came to an end which then sparked a love for coaching and giving back to the game that he still loves so much. Now having coached for over 15 years, Arran credits all of the wonderful people he has worked with for helping him grow into a complete coach and fantastic role model for all young people. Aside from football, he also has a passion for Health & Fitness and has over 5 years experience working as a Personal Trainer. He has now taken his love for this and inspired a Community Health and Well-Being group in an attempt to grow local communities.

Coach Farhad